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A Pitiful Spectacle

Our decidedly less than illustrious, newly reelected congressman, Lee Zeldin, has forcefully confirmed what we’ve suspected all along: There is no length he will not eagerly cross, nor bar too low to squirm under, in his zeal to display unalloyed fealty to the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Donald Trump.

While Mr. Zeldin was not my choice for U.S. representative, he has been duly chosen by the people to hold that important office as our conduit to the halls of power in Washington, D.C. Which is why I am stirred by outrage at his latest act of obeisance to a commander in chief who has shown few, if any, of the desirable traits recognized as necessary to lead a nation such as ours.

In a gesture that I can only interpret as cowardice, he signed his name, as our representative, in support of a lawsuit filed by the State of Texas that is blatantly seditious in its attempt to disenfranchise millions of voters — a brazen example of an all-too-common tactic of those who seek power without the legitimacy of acting in the interests of those governed.

Our congressman has now distinguished himself by, on the one hand, enjoying the benefits construed by representative democracy, while on the other acting to undermine the sanctity of free and open elections. A foundational pillar, as must be pointed out, that actually makes us a great nation.

I would like to hear from our congressman why he undertook to support such a last-ditch (I sincerely, sincerely hope) and wildly inappropriate effort to subvert the will of the people.

Short of hearing his explanation, I will be left to draw my own conclusions, which do not reflect kindly on Mr. Zeldin. Because it would seem his reason for governing is not based on principles of service to justice and standing for what is right, but instead on how can he cravenly beseech himself to those whose power he fears while simultaneously craving such for himself.

Which, frankly, is a pitiful spectacle. I expect better from any person who seeks to serve democracy. Particularly when done in my name.

Syd Griffin

Hampton Bays