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A Positive Buffer

Facing our current unprecedented COVID-19 plague, I’m thankful we have President Trump as our nation’s leader! I say that because of the fact that he’s given us economic growth we haven’t seen in 50 years. If we didn’t have that positive buffer, we’d be in even greater trouble.

When President Trump took office, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 18,000 points, and even with the recent stock market sell-off, the Dow Jones Average is currently at the 21,000 point level.

On the other hand, had Hillary Clinton won the presidency in 2016, she said she’d follow former President Obama’s non-growth policies plus agenda, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average today, with the COVID-19 problem, might be at 3,000 points. Just think of the negative impact that would have had on the dollar value of IRAs and 401Ks of millions of Americans.

We’ll beat this COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ll come out of it a stronger and more prosperous nation!

Richard Matula


The Dow Jones Industrial Average on January 20, 2017, the day of President Trump’s inauguration, was actually 19,732.40 points — Ed.


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