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A Positive Force

I am writing this letter as a board member of Heart of the Hamptons in support of our new location on Meeting House Lane.

Heart of the Hamptons is about helping the people who live here. This past year in particular brought forth so many unexpected challenges for individuals and families living in our community. We do more than just provide food to those in need: Heart of the Hamptons helps kids with school needs, assistance for seniors, veterans and families facing tragedy.

The importance of having the location on Meeting House Lane is that it will allow our support to continue to grow and help those in need. Currently, HOH serves the needs of 950 people who live within the bounds of Southampton Village. Having been on the board for over two years, I have seen the difference Heart of the Hamptons has made in the lives of local people, and I am encouraged that we can continue to offer aid and help on an even larger scale as the need arises.

The ambulance barn has served the community for decades, and the local benefits would continue if HOH is allowed use of this location.

I hope this letter helps people understand that Heart of the Hamptons being located on Meeting House Lane will be is a positive force in the community, not a negative. I respect the Village Board members’ careful consideration of Heart of the Hamptons’ use of this space and sincerely hope that they grant it, as Southampton Village is the heart of the Hamptons.

Eric Scannelli

Water Mill