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A Predictable Mess

It can’t be easy to be a moderate Democrat these days. Everywhere I look, Democratic government is under scrutiny for being out of touch with the majority values of this center-left country. From open borders to sanctuary cities and states, average American citizens are disgusted with the deliberate favoritism by Democrat leadership for the rights of illegal immigrants over the rule of law and common sense.

Here in New York, the newly elected Democrats control both the Assembly and Senate. With their majority they have begun implementing their Liberal agenda — and it is a predictable mess.

Almost every day, I read how law enforcement is under retreat due to the release of criminals without bail. This revolving door of justice puts repeat offenders back on the street with a new bravado that will encourage them to test the boundaries of a civil society.

Our despotic governor has rolled out the new driver’s licensing law encouraging our illegal immigrants to be licensed to drive on our roads and highways. That privilege, designed to protect us while driving on our streets, will not protect us from known criminals owning these IDs, because even though an American citizen has no right to privacy from federal agents if they have committed a crime, these illegals have just that under New York State sanctuary policy.

Democrat governance in New York City is fast turning a city that fought its way out of the street anarchy of the 1980s back to a lawlessness that the New York Police Department has been handcuffed to control. Police are openly ridiculed. Subway turnstiles are routinely jumped. Harassment by motorists by the “squeegee men” has returned, and the murder rate is rising.

Yes, Liberal Democrat government is a failure here in New York and anywhere it has control. Just look at the budget deficits of these Democrat-run states. New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, California and our own New York are all so poorly run, it is no secret that many of their residents are looking to move out.

At the national level, have Democrats distinguished themselves as the party in control of the House of Representatives? What have they contributed to the improvement of our country since assuming power there? If you can’t think of anything positive or permanent, it’s because they haven’t.

Hating Trump is not an agenda for the country. Electing a Socialist is even worse.

My moderate friends, leave the Democrat train wreck and consider an alternative of accomplishment.

Ed Surgan



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