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A Rare Kind of Store

I am an unusual woman, in that I am not much of a shopper, but I love clothes. Which is why finding Debbie Ohana and DeeJay’s decades ago was a game changer for me [“Boutique Clothing Store DeeJay’s Will Close After More Than 40 Years in Business in Southampton Village,” 27east.com, January 17].

Debbie herself has impeccable taste and, as a buyer, she chooses styles that are timeless and quality that lasts forever. I have items I bought at DeeJay’s 15, 20 years ago, which I continue to wear and get complimented on.

Debbie knew that I took a long time deciding what I wanted to buy and I needed my space. So she brought me items to try on and just left me alone. She also did not hesitate to tell me when something did not look right on me, whether it was the size or the style. And, boy, did she know her business!

She was never just trying to sell — she was trying to satisfy and make sure that her client looked the best she could. That’s why she had so many return customers.

About eight years ago, I was trying to decide on this very interesting fringed scarf, which came in black and light gray, at one of her 50 percent off post-Christmas sales. She looked at me with that wry smile and said, “That’s a lot of fashion for $49!” She was absolutely right — so I took both and wear them to this day.

Debbie is a one-of-a-kind, and her store will be sorely, sorely missed in my beautiful Village of Southampton. I knew that sooner or later she was going to retire. I wanted her to leave with the grace and dignity that she rightly deserved, leaving her landlord heartbroken at the idea that s/he would have to replace her.

That’s how I and countless other of her clients feel, and I hope that Debbie knows that is what is most important.

Paula Angelone

Southampton Village