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A Right To Vote

A few days ago, I spoke to Assistant Town Attorney Kathleen Murray. I was interested in the status of the proposed village incorporation of East Quogue and wanted to know if a date for the vote on village incorporation had been set. Ms. Murray told me that if there were no objections filed by September 23, a vote would then be scheduled.

I will be gone for the next month, so, naturally, I asked about absentee ballots in the event that things come down to a vote. My two children who grew up in East Quogue are away at university and have expressed interest in voting on such an important matter. My uncle who resides in East Quogue has suffered a health setback, is currently in the Westhampton Care Center and would need an absentee ballot as well.

To my utter astonishment, Kathleen Murray told me that no absentee ballots would be allowed if the East Quogue Village incorporation came down to a vote.

How is that possible? If you happen to be away on that particular day — and many of our older residents will have gone south for the winter — you have no seat at the table? My children, who like many young people of today are thankfully engaged and active in the future of this country, have no ability to express their opinions?

Absentee ballots are accepted in all other facets of government — school board elections, library elections, establishing beach erosion districts, etc., but not village incorporation? What happened to the right to vote? We all have a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard.

It is ludicrous not to allow absentee ballots, and should there be a vote, all residents, despite their geographical location on that crucial day, should be allowed to participate. Anything else is not only not representative of the wishes of East Quogue residents, it’s un-American.

Please allow absentee ballots.

Anna Klebnikov BrinsmadeEast Quogue


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