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A Serious Issue Exists

In response to Desiree Keegan’s article [“Westhampton Beach School Board President Calls Parent A Bully During Board Meeting,” 27east.com, May 12], I am the parent and I would like to clarify the facts.

I have been addressing the racism, bias and discrimination that persists in our district toward marginalized groups, including students who learn differently, for over 10 years. I began meeting privately with building administrators, the superintendent, and attended a meeting with the entire School Board in May 2019.

Unfortunately, all of my attempts to address the issues led to unsatisfactory results, if any at all.

In my public attempts to address the issues, I attended three board meetings this school year: December 14, 2020, March 1, 2021, and, most recently, May 10, 2021.

I spoke and then responded to board members, and to a statement made by the president of the teacher’s union denying that anti-semitism exists in our district.

I stand by my statements and behavior at all of these meetings, and I invite the public to view them, as they are available on the Westhampton Beach School District website, under “BOE Recorded Meetings.”

What is of the gravest concern to me is that a School Board president and a superintendent would prefer attempts to silence me and make false allegations against me to distract from the serious issues that exist in our schools and community. This should be of equally grave concern to anyone who resides within this community.

Children are being harmed. These issues are difficult and complex. We must come together as a community to support diversity and inclusion, as it will only make our community richer.

Mary Alyce Rogers, LCSW-R

Westhampton Beach