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A Serious Subject

Young women out there, please don’t believe the one-sided views from the “pro-choice” movement.

Take it from me and countless other women. I live with sadness and regret from having an abortion 15 years ago.

Every time I see a high school student, I think of what my child would be doing right now. Aborting our child is not like any other medical procedure. It’s a very serious matter with lifelong ramifications.

When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, the decision is not whether she wants to be a mother or not — she already is a mother. The decision is whether she wants to be the mother of a living child or a dead child.

I happen to be of the mind that even though abortion is wrong, it should be legal up to when the child feels pain. Even though abortion is terminating a separate, precious, unique human life, in practical terms it should be legal up to a certain point.

It is, however, so dishonest for the pro-abortion lobby to frame the discussion around only the mother’s body. Anyone using reason and logic knows that there are more parties involved. There’s the father and, most importantly, there’s the child’s body.

To say that it’s only “the mother’s body and her choice” whether the child lives or dies is a fallacious argument.

The pro-abortion article that appeared in The Sag Harbor Express on May 19, written by Anthony Brandt [“The First Words,” Out of Left Field, Opinion], was an example of hyperbole and myopic, one-sided views of abortion. I’m surprised that a quality newspaper like The Sag Harbor Express wouldn’t encourage at least some quotes or alternative views in the editing process.

There were several articles in the paper that day about abortion, and every one was 100 percent in favor of abortion on demand in any trimester.

Sad to think our country has come to viewing our most vulnerable lives as disposable. We need the media to provide balanced views so that young people can come to their own informed conclusions.

If the pro-abortion lobby would just be a little more honest, acknowledging that this is a serious subject involving more than just the mother’s body, maybe they would have more backers.

Cynthia Youngs