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A Sham Election

Election day was a very sad day for the locals. The polls were a circus. People who have clearly never voted here before were asking for directions to the Southampton Cultural Center, or “where can I park to vote?” People who have voted in prior village elections were turned away because, for some reason, their names were no longer on the rolls (hmm).

People were approached by Jesse Warren’s “poll watchers” while standing in line and questioned if they were village residents and where they lived, before they even got to the table. Funny, all of those I saw being questioned were local, born and raised. Another funny this was that the people doing the questioning weren’t from here. One lives in Connecticut; no wonder he didn’t know who any of the locals were.

There will be no healing until all the fraudulent votes are voided and the election recounted. This election was stolen (again), plain and simple. I would like to see the addresses of all the “registered” voters and their residency verified. Obviously, signing an affirmation to the validity of the application means nothing to some people. Rumors of some addresses having ridiculous numbers of voters abound.

Until the conspirators are identified and prosecuted, there will be no healing. Until all the wrongs are righted, until everything is brought into the light, there will be no healing. If, after the votes are scrutinized by an independent third party, Jesse still wins, so be it. Until then, this election was a sham, shameful and disgraceful. Totally un-American.

Larry Dickman

Southampton Village