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A Shared Future

As your trustee since 2017, I believe in improving the quality of your life in the village.

My track record shows this. I’ve been an advocate for the environment and a sewer district. Progress has been made and I have taken action earmarking funds, creating plans and obtaining grants. Southampton is a quieter village without summer gas leaf blower noise and continues to have strong financials to maintain our AAA rating. This is based on conservative fiscal management, low debt and assessed values.

The sky is not falling and people have confidence in our village because it is run well. The facts.

Unfortunately, there have been false renderings on the past performance of our public servants who were selfless in their dedication, preserving open space, protecting our environment, beautifying our village, bringing us playgrounds, a dog park, Coopers Beach, infrastructure and managing our budget. One particular attack has been on a former mayor’s entire family, including allegations of building a rehab center or high-rise condominiums at the former John Duck Jr.’s, which has sadly been gone for over a decade. There is zero evidence supporting these allegations. This is neither civil nor fair.

Recent attacks include the narrative that we have added millions in outstanding debt to the village. This is not true. All municipalities are now required to disclose future unfunded liabilities. For example, our village employees receive health care benefits, and it is against the law to reserve because it does not make sense. We pay it when due, as always.

Our police contract adopted two years ago allows for only a 2 percent annual increase for our new officers. We continue to address short and long-term expenses by increasing new employees’ contributions to their health care and other means.

My prior experience growing businesses and managing hundreds at Fortune 500 companies gave me the foundation upon which I approach my performance as your trustee. I know numbers and I like to engage people in a respectful and cordial way. I have a good partnership with town/county officials to explore grants and funding, and I am hands on. Just ask those who know me.

It’s a pivotal point for us all, but I will ensure good water quality, strong financials and making the village more inclusive for all Southampton Village residents.

Zach Epley has significant professional experience running a large medical facility. His passion helping others less fortunate, volunteering, or leadership in coaching sports, is beyond admirable. I’ve come to view him as a trusted advocate and steward of the village, and proud to call him my running mate.

We have a shared future. We ask for your support on September 15.

Kimberly Allan

Southampton Village

Ms. Allen is a candidate for reelection as village trustee — Ed.


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