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A State Of Affairs

President George Washington, in his Farewell Address, warned us about future “political party strife.” Throughout our history, we have endured some strife, but never have we experienced anything even close to what the Democrat Party has subjected us to in the last four years of President Trump’s term. They even talked about impeaching him before he took office. And they didn’t want to accept the Electoral College, established by our sacred Constitution!

And they wasted the next four years doing nothing except trying to impeach him for “Russian collusion,” a complete hoax. There were no “high crimes or misdemeanors.”

And now that he is leaving office on January 20 anyway, they are trying to impeach him again. This time it is for inciting a violent protest in our Capitol. The facts are that he called for a “peacefully and patriotically” gathering, which we all should know is not a crime. He did not invite people to violently riot, loot, burn and vandalize — all of which were allowed by Democrat governors and mayors in certain areas of our country during the long “Summer of Lawlessness” last year.

Why are the Democrats still going after Trump? Well, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer are either still suffering from the “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” or they are afraid he might run again in 2024 with his 74 million “deplorable” supporters (like me), and those Democrats who are not going to be very happy with the next four years.

Under President Biden, we will probably suffer higher taxes; inflation (gas has already gone up 50 cents); millions of illegal immigrants; our enemies like Iran, China and North Korea will give us some real problems; perhaps Black people will realize that Trump was really improving their economic status; and those who worry about limits to free speech and religion. Trump wanted to clean up the “Swamp” in D.C.; now, Joe Biden is the leader of the “Swamp.”

President Trump should leave gracefully and attend the Biden inauguration, even after four years of being constantly attacked by the Democrats and our extremely biased media. He should show them that he is above them.

As a former history teacher, I feel certain that Trump’s many accomplishments for our country will surely outnumber the results of the Congress he had to deal with.

I rest my case.

Peter W. Cuthbert

East Moriches


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