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A Team Player

When I think about the type of person who should run for public office, I think of someone who is a leader, a team player, passionate, mentally tough, has a love for community and a desire to improve it.

When I see the candidates running for Southampton Village trustee, the candidate who represent these qualities is Zach Epley.

I first met Zach over 20 years ago, when I was hired as the director of athletics, physical education, health and wellness for the Southampton School District, and he was playing sports in middle school. Zach was a tremendous athlete at Southampton, and I was fortunate enough to coach Zach for three years in football, where he was captain, all division and all county, and led us to a division championship and the county finals. I could see back then that Zach was a natural leader, playing a position where all your teammates are looking up to you and counting on you as the quarterback to lead us to victory. Zach was never afraid of the pressure that came with playing QB — it was quite the opposite. He thrived in pressure situations.

After graduating college and coming home to Southampton, Zach began working at Seafield. He also wanted to get into coaching because he wanted to give back and work with young athletes. Zach has coached both football and baseball for me at the junior varsity and varsity levels over the past 10 years.

It was always evident to me how much Zach loves Southampton, always wanting to give back in so many ways. Zach is currently the Southampton head varsity baseball coach and has always given so much of his time to every team he has coached. He is always in 100 percent.

Observing Zach over the years, it was clear to see his passion for coaching and working with our student-athletes and how much his players loved playing for him. In addition to being a husband and father to four young children, he also gives back to the community as a volunteer fireman.

As a candidate for village trustee, Zach has the qualities that are needed to succeed and deal with the challenges facing the village. Zach is a leader and a team player who will bring his passion, energy and love for Southampton to the Village Board.

Darren Phillips



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