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A Trial Balloon

Booze at the beach? What do you think?

The June 23 meeting of the Southampton Village trustees included a public hearing to discuss whether to serve alcohol at the Coopers Beach concession stand.

Over the years, there has been discussion to make the pavilion more attractive by expanding dining and adding a second-story deck. This expansion would possibly include the service of alcoholic beverages.

Given the recent economic impact due to COVID-19, the service of alcohol is now being explored again by the Village Board. Most residents are fully aware of the pros and cons of taking on an endeavor such as this. There is a possibility that we will see the revenue increase and economic stimulation, but we also can see a liability, with binge drinking, and increased pollution at Coopers.

Taking all of this into account, I am of the belief that we should launch a trial balloon and implement the service of alcoholic beverages, coupled with a detailed plan including various controls. If we slowly implement serving alcohol at Coopers, we can ensure proper oversight to make sure people are safe and Coopers remains clean and intact.

We should consider starting with beer and wine only, limiting the consumption and ordering of alcoholic beverages per person, and allowing the village the ability to revoke or suspend the permission if at any point the service of alcohol becomes a burden to the community.

I am eager to hear how the public feels about this proposal.

Joseph R. McLoughlin


Mr. McLoughlin is a candidate for Southampton Village trustee — Ed.


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