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A True American

I feel, this year, the choice for president is so clear: We must reelect President Trump.

This man has been under attack like no other. The hatred that spills forth from the media and so-called Americans — i.e., Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Schumer, Sharpton, Cuomo, to just name a few — is disgusting. These phonies talk about civility; all they do is feed into the ultra-liberal electorate that only get their news from the Trump-hating media.

If you are a God-fearing person, don’t read the rag New York Times, don’t listen to the vile from the anti-American media. Listen to Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and other “America first” commentators. Try to get a mind of your own, be open and don’t be swayed by lowlifes like Chris Cuomo and his lowlife brother! Remember the old railroad sign at the tracks: Stop, look, listen!

A vote for Biden is a vote for socialism. He picked a real hard-core socialist, Harris for his running mate. He is a shell that will be filled up with Sanders, Cortez, Omar and other socialist lovers. Biden is nothing but a swamp creature who should be discarded like the rest of his ilk.

Please, if you love the United States of America, you shouldn’t have to think when we go to vote — you must know to vote for a true American, President Trump.

May God bless President Trump and his beautiful family.

John Pagac

Hampton Bays


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