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A True Representative

Scrolling through Facebook these days, one can’t help but notice the number of posts complaining about the changing face of our hometowns. You can walk down Main Street, Sag Harbor, and not see one familiar face. The stores are not the ones we knew growing up. Even the schools reflect the changing population of Sag Harbor. How many members of the Board of Education are local people who have memories of growing up in this town?

Sandi Kruel is, once again, running for a position on the School Board. I believe it is important that the residents of Sag Harbor look closely at her candidacy and consider voting for her when they receive their ballots in the mail.

Sandi is a lifelong resident of Sag Harbor, a graduate of Pierson, a parent whose three boys attended Pierson, and a former School Board member with 12 years of experience. She has more institutional memory of the school district than any other current member of the board. That is important, because it means she represents Sag Harbor in a unique and powerful way.

Sandi is outspoken, tenacious and intense. Those of us who know her can attest to her strength of character. She is also honest, loyal and committed to this community. One always knows where they stand with Sandi. That is refreshing in today’s political world.

I have attended many a board meeting where Sandi had asked the difficult questions, called people to task and provided a balanced accountability among her fellow board members. She works hard to maintain transparency and truth from the board.

Most importantly, Sandi is an advocate for the children of Sag Harbor. I have seen her stand up for students who have come to board meetings to speak on issues that impact them. Where others seemed inattentive and dismissive of the students, Sandi was fierce in her support and encouragement of their right to speak publicly. Every decision she has made has been student-centered and consistently in favor of Sag Harbor’s children.

Sandi Kruel will work tirelessly for the families of Sag Harbor if elected to the Board of Education again. She’s a true Sag Harbor representative.

Toby Marienfeld

Sag Harbor


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