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A Very Big Mouth

Many southern and western Republicans don’t trust science, even though they view Trump as their leader. He helped achieve the COVID-19 vaccine, but it wasn’t by himself — he needed scientists. So I don’t understand his decision to not promote vaccinations. After all, both he and Melania were vaccinated.

I know he believed that coal and oil had to be saved from the renewable movement; that’s the real reason he dropped out of the Paris Agreement. But why let this epidemic continue when he could do something about it? We know the vaccinations work and that to get to herd immunity we need at least 70 percent of the people vaccinated.

So how can you follow a leader who doesn’t care about saving the life of you or your children?

Why are so many states falling so far behind? It’s understandable if it’s because of religious reasons, but if it’s about politics, it is idiotic.

This one man can change that and do what he agreed to do — make a public service announcement. It’s not too late for him to show that he still has that power. Does he fear that if he made that announcement, it might not make a difference?

Why does Trump have such disdain for his constituents? Personally, I had high hopes for him. He was his own man, not able to be bought. We saw how he played that out every chance he got.

This letter is not about him — it’s to those who are on the sidelines and who haven’t gotten vaccinated. If you are following Trump, you are being duped. How can you not see it?

Please, people, realize that the ex-president is only concerned with himself, not you, or he would say something. We all know he has a very big mouth when he wants to promote his agenda.

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village