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A Village Asset

The Pyrrhus Concer Homestead project, currently in front of numerous Southampton Village land use boards, is a valuable asset to our community and deserves our wholehearted support. I feel it’s important to clarify a few key factors, as it appears there are inaccurate rumors surrounding the scope and purpose of this project.

The rebuilding of the house and the modest visitors center are to celebrate and educate our residents and visitors about our local Southampton history; more specifically, the history of African Americans gaining freedom from slavery and servitude, as well as the vibrant whaling industry that included the Shinnecock Nation. This history is a part of our identity as a village and country, and we owe it to past and future generations to tell it properly.

The plans have been scaled back multiple times, and the environmental impact pales in comparison to any sizable residential home that could have been built on the property. This project will be an asset to our existing cultural district, and, hopefully, our community can come together to ensure it is accomplished.

Jayne Clare

Southampton Village Planning Board

Southampton Village Comprehensive Master Plan Commission