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A Walk Spoiled

We went for what was supposed to be a beautiful morning walk on the beach along Meadow Lane, only to find an abundance of balloons left over from multiple parties.

We walk along this beach several times a week, and this isn’t the first time we’ve found balloons and excess trash. The beauty of the beach is unparalleled; however, the last several times I and my companion have tried to enjoy this walk, we were surrounded by litter from parties and visitors — plastic bottles, deflated and inflated balloons, beer cans, plastic utensils, napkins, etc.

Having seen so many documentaries and having read numerous newspaper articles as to what this trash is doing to our oceans and our fish life, I felt absolutely compelled to write this letter.

Here is a three-point plan that I propose:

1. Please pass a “leave no trace” rule.

2. Please install signage at each entry to bring awareness to this situation and the “leave no trace” rule.

3. Please add a “cleanup” clause to each party permit, requiring immediate and thorough cleanup. Police should scan the party area on the beach the following morning to ensure that it is clean. If not, they should inform and fine the party hosts.

We are all too informed today to not make good decisions.

Ruth Baum



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