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A Waste of Breath

My morning music used to be the sound of wind through the trees, bird songs and church bells. This was my beautiful Southampton Village at its best.

Now, and most recently, it’s loud mufflers, leaf blowers, cement trucks, chain saws, and SUVs with trailers clunking over the once-promised-to-be-paved Meeting House Lane.

Seems like my village is being overcome by contractors, workers, builders. Houses are being lifted, torn down, added on and redefined. Our elected officials and those real estate agents and brokers sitting on the board that make all these changes seem to have no ear for the majority of residents opposing the disruption of the neighborhood.

A fine example of the “board” in charge of creating this havoc is the proposed reconstruction of the old Southampton Ambulance building [“Pantry Secures Final Approval,” November 24]. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; the lesson learned in 10th grade is so applicable today.

Without notice, the 30-year lease was signed. The proposed dormer and extension to the property were approved. The entire plan for the building and its purpose is going forward, ignoring and, with a deaf ear, totally disregarding the concerns of the entire community. And so the construction and noise, and traffic, will be added to the chaos on Meeting House Lane.

It appears that brokers and persons affiliated with real estate transactions are now making the laws in our village by manipulating the variances and requirements for any major changes to happen. Changing the landscape to suit their own agenda. Paving our paradise to put up their own parking lot.

I tried the Zoom meetings that were so horrible to transmit for me, not to mention those seniors living on the block, without computer access. Quite frankly, not only was it ridiculous and frustrating, anything that was presented fell on deaf ears. It was completely useless and a waste of breath and time.

So sad to see Southampton Village become what the brokers, real estate and power politicians are doing to our beautiful community. I only hope they do not run for office on the North Fork, too.

Kathryn Abugel

Southampton Village