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A Winning Team

There have been many letters leading up to our Southampton Village election expressing support for Zach Epley and Kimberly Allan. This week, I add my own letter, and hope that any undecided registered village voters will take my thoughts into consideration.

At this point in time, if you don’t know that Zach is a family man and volunteer who is looking forward to dedicating even more time to the betterment of our community then you mustn’t be a regular reader of this publication. There are some standout traits that make him my choice for trustee.

Zach is constantly educating himself. Whether through a discussion with an experienced colleague, board member or community member, he has jumped in and is fully committed to what it will take to be successful as a trustee — he will listen, he will learn, he will dig deep until he finds the answer, and compromise with others until he can find a solution.

If you have any doubts on his willingness to compromise, ask his running mate, Kimberly Allan, once a member of an opposing party, what she may think on the subject. The fact that these two people have come together to run on the newly formed Community Party ticket speaks volumes.

I’ve come to appreciate in Zach a true respect for others and their views, even if they oppose his own. While not easy, I am sure, amid public accusations that he and his father, former Village Mayor Mark Epley, must be behind the conflict between our mayor and the police department, Zach has maintained dignity and confidence. People who have held office or positions within the village have come forward to refute and correct the outrageous claims.

As a member of the Southampton Fire Department, Zach knows that our first responders play a vital and integral role in the success of keeping this a beautiful and safe community. Our police officers, fire department volunteers and ambulance volunteers need not question that someday their health care benefits or salaries might be used as a political playing card with Zach as trustee. Our police officers need to feel support, trust and confidence in their Village Board. Zach and Kimberly are willing to put in the work and time it takes to form relationships, not just handshakes for photo ops.

I’m fortunate that I’ve had a few friends sit on the Village Board, and I can say that it isn’t an easy job. One thing has linked each successful trustee to the next: integrity. Ask yourself on September 15 what that word means to you. Then cast your vote proudly and with confidence, as I will, for Zachary Epley and Kimberly Allan for village trustees.

Jessica Kellis

Southampton Village


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