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A Year In The Life

As we approach the one-year anniversary of when I called the Trustees to ask when we are dredging Napeague Harbor, I’m reminded that we are on the poor side of town. Before I thought of running for office, I was already being an advocate. I was told the torch was going to be passed along to the younger generations. Being one of the younger generations, it’s not a task I take lightly.

Twenty-one years ago, a plan was drawn up of the town’s position and what should happen with the harbor. I was still a high school student wondering where to attend college. As we’ve endured a change in times, things seem not so hard to accomplish. You can almost talk to anyone across the globe these days.

As I see routine maintenance being done year after year by the Trustees in certain parts of town, we are still the forgotten group. In April of this year, I brought them Congressman Lee Zeldin’s office to offer help with dredging Napeague and any other project all over town. Still not yet.

May 11, after years of advocating for site remediation bonds, the Zoning Board of Appeals, after talking about what a member of the public had stated (that would be me) and the town attorney’s office also stated, now will require bonds with hardened structures from now on. A once neglected oversight now in place.

With those hardened structures overstaying the welcome, I’ve ventured out to a new endeavor. I’ve asked for help from Dr. Laska, who has headed up the P.E.M. project that’s been approved, next to Mulford Lane. I’ve been advocating for the dredge of the harbor, the removal of the groin and the sand placement in front of these homes to give him the best leg up with this project.

I’m making Dr. Laska aware of the homes along Cranberry Hole Road and next to the fish factory, which seems like a perfect second control site. The erosion is consistent because of the wall at the factory and the fact we have circular tides. The P.E.M. project is to fight erosion — why not? Something we all can look at attacking for the collective good of our shoreline.

With that, I’ve wondered if he’d be interested in applying for a grant from the National Science Foundation under program director of Environmental Technologies, Dr. Rajesh Mehta. Applying under ET7, Habitat Conservation, Adaptation and Restoration. I’ve told some of the homeowners to contact Dr. Laska — I hope they have.

A year in the life, but, alas, nothing that’s worth it doesn’t have a hill to climb.

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a Republican and Conservative candidate for East Hampton Town Council — Ed.