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Adults in the Room

This week, Nancy Pelosi passed the torch of her role as speaker of the House and leader of the Democrats in Congress to her handpicked deputies. Like all good leaders, she considered her legacy and did what she needed to do to ensure it by seamlessly enacting a succession plan.

Nancy intends that the Democratic Party will be distinguished from the Republican Party by being the adults in the room. Republicans will undoubtedly continue in chaos with purposeless investigations and conspiracy theories. Instead, Nancy’s Democratic Party will minimize the infighting and deal with the business at hand — the people’s business.

Contrast her to Kevin McCarthy, who will likely be the new speaker, who confuses leadership with greed and power-mongering. He continues to be beholden to the crazies of the Republican Party and does not have the temperament nor the skills to keep them in line, because he has sold out to them, and they know it.

Let me be clear: I hope I am wrong about what’s going to happen with the Republicans. I long for the days of Republican leaders who possess a moral compass, the John McCains of the Republican Party. As long as Donald Trump remains the de facto leader of the Republicans, what more can we really expect but the three-ring circus that Americans have been forced to endure since he came grinning down that golden Trump escalator?

That he is running for president again causes me to shudder, and I can only pray that Nancy’s deputies are up to the task.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village