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Ahead Of The Curve

To Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren: Here’s another chance for you to provide the leadership, in this case, so sorely missing at the federal level.

1. Get the trustees to back you on declaring an immediate moratorium on all private and postponable public construction.

2. Form a committee of developers (builders) to plan for instant construction of additional hospital facilities to answer the immense demand that will arise shortly.

3. Form a committee of former village mayors — Bill Hattrick, Mark

Epley, Mike Irving — to spearhead and help with this effort to build a hospital facility for the upcoming virus patient demand.

4. Designate the parking lot behind and west of Village Hall as the best site for the new hospital complex. Or negotiate with the Stony Brook Southampton college campus owners for land to “lend” for this effort, i.e. parking places at the theater, or whatever. Also, check with county officials for land to donate to this effort, for a hospital building site for handling virus victims.

5. Form a committee of Southampton Association leaders, plus local business leaders, to find out (1) sources of hospital beds, (2) sources of funding for hospital beds, (3) donations by stores and chains like Walmart of bedding for these hospital beds.

This is an essential way of staying ahead of the pandemic curve.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law



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