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Airport Opportunity

It’s incredible that the East Hampton Town Board continues to hold important meetings at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday. I certainly would have attended, but, alas, like most of us, I work during these hours.

In regard to the topic at hand, let’s make it simple: The airport is a vital piece to this community. Always was, always will be. It could potentially be made into a Class Charlie airport while keeping Federal Aviation Administration status.

If you listened to the Democrat GGG debate, when it comes to medevacs, both candidates have a misunderstanding of how the actual operation goes. The goal is to never stop moving toward the hospital after “packaging” a patient. Time is the most important factor on a call. Not to use all different spots across town. If anyone falls off the invalid permitted cubes in the middle of Bay View Avenue, that’s a flight to the hospital because of the height.

The airport has been a lost opportunity. If you’ve ever heard of the former Libertarian candidate for governor, Larry Sharpe, he always touted ways to make and grow money. One way would be like our airport. Why has the name never been leased? Add a name, get a check. That’s a squandered opportunity.

With the growth now in Shirley of Amazon, imagine, if you will, “The East Hampton Town Amazon Airport, Gateway to the Hamptons.” That or insert the company of your choosing. Great tagline, free marketing — you’re welcome. This might have been, or can still be, $10 million a year? $20 million? What things could be done for this community? What projects? What initiatives? What amount of people could have been helped already? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Remember, type B’s only know how to spend other people’s money. Type A’s have ideas for growth and revitalization of this community.

Remember, as always, “Walles, Aman, Karpinski! We are the community.”

Joseph Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board on the Republican and Conservative lines — Ed.