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All It Takes

Regarding “Southampton Town Board Unanimously Agrees That Aquacenter Is Permitted Use On Magee Street CPF Land” [, October 13]:

Even today, a surprising number of adults never learned to swim. The main reason is often a lack of easy access to a suitable body of water and/or someone willing to supervise the splashing beginner. Despite the availability of public pools in cities, many parents of young children do not make use of this option.

This, however, does not apply to a place like Southampton, surrounded by lakes and bays in which young children can safely learn to swim with the help of any swimmer: an older sibling, a friend, a parent or grandparent. Thus have the vast majority all over the world throughout history learned to swim.

In a few hours, the fundamentals of staying afloat are mastered. The younger the children, the faster they learn. Watch a dog paddle! Even those who panic in knee-deep water will learn; it just takes a little longer.

What it does not take is a $20 million swimming pool.

The parcel for the proposed aquacenter on Magee Street is much better suited for desperately needed affordable housing.

Heide Löfken



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