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All Or Nothing

As 2021 draws to a close, many use this as a time to reflect and take stock in what we want our future to look like in the new year. I have been using this time to personally decide how I will continue to better serve our public.

Upon reflection, I realize that there is much work to do so I don’t become known as an ineffective leader who under-delivers. Even though I am not able to predict what the future holds, I am going to take direct action to keep our public informed, influence change and shape our future together.

It is incontrovertible that our future success only happens with planning, reviewing facts through independent research and developing our own conclusions. 2022 will offer the opportunity for many “new” ways to directly shape our local future through our Village Board. Some of these decisions include the proposed wastewater upgrades for our downtown and the contract for a new village police chief.

I have asked repeatedly to receive any and all documentation, resumes and references pertaining to all those who applied for the position. I have been denied that right to access these documents as a public official. In fact, I was told the resumes are not even in possession of the village.

How can our public possibly understand the process if the ones voting on it are not fully informed, with ample time to review candidates?

Public service and transparency cannot and should not be selective. It is an all-or-nothing endeavor and doesn’t support only those who support your vision. I can discuss misappropriations and inaccuracies until I am blue in the face, but now is the time for direct action and proactive measures.

Village taxpayers have the right to know the difference between what is being promised by our officials and what is actually being put in motion. I will continue to make sure our rights are protected, as residents and everyone knows where I stand. As President Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

Joseph R. McLoughlin


Southampton Village