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Almost Home Free

By the time this letter is read, we will know if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are accepted as the legitimate winners of the 2020 election. I’m not as optimistic as many are, because I know that fascists win by cheating, lying and stealing elections; witness 2016. This election is not over until the inauguration in January 2021.

Given every machination one could imagine, from eliminating postal sorting machines and drop boxes to purging voter registration rolls, to shutting down polling locations and attempting to disrupt the counting of the ballots, in an attempt to retain the wannabe autocrat and his cronies and sycophants in the swamp, I put nothing past his crew of Russian enablers among his Senate allies, his mobsters and bikers, and Rudy Giuliani (whom I used to describe as a schoolyard bully), to attempt every stratagem to remain in the White House.

Trump is not going to leave unless carried out. I’ve told friends for four years, since before he took the oath in January 2017, that I expect a gunfight outside on the White House lawn. Sounds a bit dramatic, I agree.

A more likely and terrifying scenario is Trump accusing Kim of cheating on his nuclear program and launching a preemptive strike on North Korea, with our missiles flying past Vladivostok, Russia (their Pearl Harbor and San Diego combined). Pray that scenario doesn’t play out.

If it does, Trump will go down as the “greatest” mass murderer in history. That may please the evangelicals who are hoping the End Days are here, but the rest of us aren’t going to be too thrilled.

By the way, anyone looking for those nefarious Antifa thugs allegedly attempting to impose a socialist-communist agenda on America, look no further: I’ve been an anti-fascist since I first learned of the fascist and National Socialist (Nazi) view of life at age 10, 61 years ago, when I read of their agendas and studied the photographs of their rallies and resulting wars.

The similarities between then and now are eerily familiar when I see the Trumpster car parades with their banners and brash in-your-face challenges to their opponents to do likewise.

As for my very dangerous fellow Antifa colleagues, I wish I knew how to locate and contact them so I can find out who our leaders are.

Pay attention to history: We came very close to losing our democracy. Let’s not repeat the idiocy of forgetting the mistakes the Greeks made and what they did to their democracy: It ended when they voted a tyrant into office.

We’re almost “home free.” Almost.

Lance Corey



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