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In his letter to these pages, Jim Marquardt expressed outrage over the removal of mailboxes nationwide [“Hitting Home,” Letters, August 20]; he was “appalled” by their recent removal in a minority neighborhood in a Long Island community. He did not mention exactly how many were removed or where.

He also does not mention that it has been standard practice for decades to remove mailboxes from neighborhoods that are seldom used, because it is financially impractical to waste the resources, gas and manpower to monitor a box that may only get a few pieces of mail a day, when anyone can have their mail picked up at their personal mailbox when the postman comes to their home.

Mr. Marquardt also fails to mention, or chooses to ignore, that the picture of hundreds of removed mailboxes circulated by the mainstream media was actually discovered to be a file photo from 2009 — imagine that! Just like the photos of the human cages filled to capacity circulated in 2018 were actually file photos from 2014. The previous administration was forced to build the holding pens to contain the vast number of immigrants crossing the border during Obama’s time in office. Michele Obama foolishly resurrected the lie at the Democratic Convention, but she was called out on it by the Associated Press, at least giving some hope that journalistic integrity still exists.

No conservative needs to be reminded of these facts, but the liberal left news consumer lives in an alternate universe and can be forgiven because they only have the capacity to absorb the party line and become easily confused if they have to parse conflicting information. Even Mrs. Obama forgot that her husband was the responsible party.

With regard to mail-in ballots, which liberals insist are perfectly safe rather than an open invitation to fraud, consider this: In January, Judicial Watch reported 378 counties across America with more registered voters than there are citizens of voting age. Judicial Watch was successful in 2019 in its suit against Los Angeles County, which required it to remove a whopping 1.5 million people from its voter rolls who were deceased or had moved out of the jurisdiction.

Now, Joe Biden is proud that while he was vice president there wasn’t a “whisper” of scandal in the former administration. Why should Benghazi count? Then, of course, there is the Fast and Furious gun-running scheme, the brainchild of former Attorney General Eric Holder, who still remains in civil and criminal contempt by the House of Representatives for his role, yet has never appeared before the investigating committee.

This convenient historical amnesia, or the effects of onset dementia, may be difficult to determine, as the former is a persistent party malady.

John Porta



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