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An Active Enemy

In the wake of the Robert Mueller testimony, President Trump will be hosted at a fundraiser in Southampton on August 9. It will be interesting to note who among us will have bought into this opportunity to mingle with him, Don Jr. and U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, his ever-present supporter.

If nothing else, Robert Mueller’s day in Congress emphasized that while Vladimir Putin may be Donald Trump’s helpful friend, Russia remains an active enemy of America. Mr. Mueller revealed that our voting systems have been attacked by Russian hacking in all 50 states, with some success, and our efforts to block this interference have lacked sufficient coordination among intelligence agencies and funding from Congress.

Most alarming, Senator Mitch McConnell, on July 25, again blocked consideration of additional election security legislation, claiming it was partisan. Does “partisan” for Sen. McConnell now include being opposed to Russian interference in our election systems? Is this tacit reinforcement for Russia to continue to interfere to help reelect Donald Trump?

The paying crowd at the Southampton reception is promised a one-hour speech by President Trump. Will anyone in attendance press him on protecting our election system from Russian interference? Or will they rather join him in chanting “send her back!” or “lock her up!”?

Steve AbramsonWater Mill


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