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An Apology Owed

Did The Southampton Press decide to forgo standards in its advertising department? I’m referring to the multiple full-page ads that ran in the weeks running up to the mayoral election, placed by “Devito,” with the offensive, misogynist cartoon depictions referencing a sitting trustee, elected by a majority of voters in our village.

That The Southampton Press never rejected the ad’s stick figure depictions of “Gina” or asked that they be drawn more appropriately is shameful.

Every newspaper, publisher or broadcast entity for whom I worked for some 35 years had standards departments that reviewed ad materials based on appropriateness, and rejected, or asked that creative be adjusted, when they found them objectionable or inappropriate. It appears that this newspaper either has no such department or chose to forgo review at the risk of losing revenue.

Whether we agree or disagree, Devito certainly has a right to his opinions as they relate to the governing of our community — but they should not have been allowed to present themselves as sophomoric, sexist, demeaning personal visual attacks.

The Southampton Press owes Trustee Gina Arresta an apology. Several, in fact.

Mark McIntire