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An Ethereal Omen

I was pleasantly surprised to find my photograph “June 1st Rainbow Sunset over Sag Harbor” published in the Opinion section of the June 4 Express and Press. Thank you for giving credit to me. My good friend and neighbor submitted it, and many of my friends have gained a great joy seeing it at this time of several severe and potentially lethal crises that we all have been experiencing.

I was having dinner at home, after months of careful social distancing, and noticed the appearance of this complete rainbow at sunset. It was spectacular and bridged from the North Fork to Sag Harbor.

I immediately thought it was a sign, an ethereal omen, to remind all of us how very special this place and our planet is, and it had to be shared.

As for the location of the legendary elusive “pot of gold,” I will leave that to your own imagination. For me, it is all of us, and this fragile planet.

I chose to take this ethereal omen as a precursor to better times ahead, with improved respect for each other, and our fragile Earth, with its flora and fauna.

Anthony Coron

Sag Harbor


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