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An Honor To Serve

It has been a wonderful two years serving as one of your Southampton Village trustees.

I first want to thank all of those who have supported me and been enthusiastic about my work. We have shared a common understanding of what our village needs moving forward, and I hope that even though I will no longer be a trustee we can all continue to help our village in its future endeavors.

As you have always known I have an open door to hear you and listen. I hope that the new trustees will show us all the same respect, support and continue to ask the hard questions about what is truly best for the entire village.

Vote with integrity and vote only when you have all the information — that is the true process to betterment.

Now is the time to continue to work together for the good of Southampton. I take great pride in the accomplishments we have gained in the last two years, and it will be rewarding to see these projects come to fruition. Please support our exceptional police, fire department and EMS and all the village employees who have so faithfully supported you during the pandemic and beyond.

It is my wish that the mayor and trustees will embrace good governance and practices that will enrich our community and keep us on a positive path. Best wishes to those of you who will take the reins of service. It has been my honor to serve this community.

Andrew C. Pilaro