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An Invitation

I write in reply to Frances Genovese’s letter, “Flawed Proposal” [July 1], in which she raises concerns and questions regarding Concern for Independent Living’s proposal to build affordable homes on the Southampton Full Gospel Church’s property.

Rather than addressing her concerns point by point here, I would respectfully invite Ms. Genovese to visit homes that my organization has constructed in Suffolk County over the last several years. By visiting, she could get a firsthand look at the quality of the homes and the Long Islanders who live in them. Additionally, we could discuss Concern for Independent Living’s mission and how we achieve that mission.

A visit may or may not change Ms. Genovese’s opinion of the proposal. I am confident, however, that a firsthand, in-person visit, coupled with a comprehensive conversation, will provide accurate answers to the questions raised in her letter.

I sincerely hope Ms. Genovese will accept this invitation and contact me at 631-758-0474 to make the necessary arrangements. Thank you for allowing me to extend the invitation here, and I hope to hear from Ms. Genovese soon.

Ralph Fasano

Executive Director

Concern for Independent Living