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Anarchy In The Streets

As we all have experienced, it is not easy passing the days waiting for our lives to return to normal again. I have tried doing more reading, watching old movies and baseball, and spending time with my grandchildren. These pleasant pursuits have helped make life seem okay, for the most part.

But as I retreat into my little safe zone, I am deliberately insulating myself from not just the pandemic but the destruction of our civil society.

In case you only read the Times, watch CNN or MSNBC, you probably are unaware of the domestic terrorism being perpetrated unopposed in New York City, Portland, Chicago and Seattle. Citizens of these cities are being attacked, businesses and government property looted and burned. Police in these cities are quitting or retiring, as residents who have the option of leaving are taking flight amid the anarchy.

As Americans, is this the country we have fought and died for?

While news outlets refuse to acknowledge the difference between lawful protests and riots, how can we sit idly by, trying to ignore the complete breakdown of the rule of law and the dismissal of any consequence for the criminal behavior of thugs posing as righteous citizens?

If you vote Democrat, you still must hold value for a civil society. Why do you stay silent when leadership in your Democrat-run cities deny the truth behind the deliberate effort to harm our law enforcement and create an atmosphere of fear and reprisal?

Why do you continue to seek your biased information from news sources that have lost any credibility? Why do you send your children to schools and universities that pervert our national history and deny alternatives to their poisonous rhetoric to see the light of day on campus?

Is this all in the name of hatred for one man? Can you be so consumed with rage that our very freedom is to be sacrificed on the altar of revenge?

Will you be honest with yourself and admit that candidate Joe Biden is a hollow vessel? His running mate is woefully unprepared, not because she is a woman, or a woman of color, but because she may have to actually be the president sooner than you think.

And no matter who is president, the movement that is bringing you the anarchy in our streets will be bringing their brand of leadership to your life.

Ed Surgan



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