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Angry Mobs

The debacle that the Democrats put on masquerading as a fact-finding interview of Attorney General Bill Barr was infuriating to watch. Every Democrat congressman spent their five minutes insulting our chief law enforcement official. Each took their turn preaching the virtues of free speech and the right to congregate, while they abused the individual held captive by his own belief in free government by delivering their diatribe under the guise that a response would be allowed. Mr. Barr rarely was allowed that opportunity.

He was muzzled by the pathetic chairman of the Judicial Committee, who had lost his sense of purpose ever since the election of President Trump. Indeed, the entire Democrat Judicial Committee behaved like the deranged angry mobs we are witnessing in many major cities. If you are a Democrat, or just hate Trump, is it possible that you are forgetting what a civil society behaves like?

The intentional effort by Liberal government officials to whitewash criminal behavior in these cities has and will continue to spawn more of same. The response by the federal government to protect federal buildings and statues is the only thing standing between you and anarchy.

It was of great interest that I learned from the attorney general the facts behind the strange “photo op” that occurred outside the White House, when the president and many other officials walked to St. John’s Church late in the day in early June. We all watched in disbelief as fires and anti-police activity the night before was so violent that the Secret Service ordered the president to retreat for a short time to an underground bunker.

Mr. Barr testified that he made a decision to clear the street the next day before curfew at 7 p.m. He was frustrated in accomplishing this on schedule due to the late arrival of manpower and the fencing required to liberate the area. Unfortunately, it was not until 6 p.m. that the clearing took place, forcing some peaceful protesters to unwillingly concede their ground. It was never designed for the purpose of a Trump photo op. The awkward moment captured on TV, without seeming purpose, was designed to demonstrate for a national audience that anarchy had not descended on our capital.

Antifa is not a myth, as the left-wing media would have you believe. It is a loose confederation of disparate anarchistic and domestic terrorist groups that coordinate mob violence. They will metastasize if left unchecked.

Ed Surgan



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