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Answers Needed

I will try to make this as short as possible. My opinions from the work that has been presented to us as the public, regarding case 21-E-0261.

1. The Public Service Commission already can’t figure out if payments will be equal or not. Last we heard was a potential 75 percent increase to the ratepayers and specifically for Long Islanders. A reason Europe calls this, most notably in Germany, “energy poverty.”

2. The Town of East Hampton officials and supervisor tout only two-tenths of a cent increase in kWh. Is that a guarantee in writing? This is magically formulated from only a four-page pamphlet that is overwhelming lacking in information, plucking only favorable information, unless you read the graphs closely.

3. kWh already increased every month since January. Check your bills. Facts are facts. Actual costs to ratepayers, please.

4. The Town of East Hampton supervisor claims we will have a “39 percent increase in fossil fuel cost,” though the supervisor stated they have yet to confirm the quote.

5. The initial contract has redacted areas or left areas initially blank, such as the seller/buyer agreement. Why is that information not transparent? What is being hidden from us?

6. The contract from 2017 is invalidated for the fact that the notary public did not use a stamp. All 50 states require a stamp on a contract.

7. Thomas Falcone’s name was crossed out and then signed/replaced by the vice president of operations oversight. Not initialed for crossing out and not witnessed. I can only go on what has been released to us as public. Second point of invalidating the contract.

8. Also, there is an eagle’s nest within 660 feet of Wainscott Stone Road. I have called on every agency I can to adhere to the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. This should start a new environmental study by Fish and Wildlife. Then again, environmental review isn’t the strong suit of this project.

9. How much waste that we can’t recycle will be left for us in the next 20-to-30-year period? What is the replacement plan/cost? How much will the ratepayers be on the hook for that? We already are seeing the waste from the first 20-plus years of solar and wind. As Mark Mills from the Manhattan Institute would ask: “What is the cost to the environment?”

I kept it short. I could go on for days. Green means money. Environment and people are an afterthought.

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board — Ed.