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Answers Needed

In the fall, the sun sets earlier, and the local Democratic minions write letters to the editor.

Recently, two local Democratic sycophants touted the achievements of the Democratic-controlled Town Board.

One wrote about the drop in the crime rate, using the year of the pandemic as part of the comparison. This is misleading, since many criminals might have stayed home or, like most of us, were stuck in the “trade parade.”

The same writer gloated over the town’s financial performance. I would suggest that the town’s financial condition is more a function of the local real estate market than any great expertise on the part of the supervisor or his comptroller.

Before returning the current supervisor to Town Hall, I believe a few questions deserve to be answered.

Why do the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton communities receive empty promises in place of action? In six years, the supervisor has failed to remove several derelict buildings in their community. Why is the revitalization of the area always in the planning stage and never seems to come to fruition?

Why is the police response time extremely slow in certain areas and at certain times in our town?

Why does the supervisor ignore the opinions of the people who are going to be impacted in matters like the downtown overlay district in Hampton Bays, the STAR sports pool complex, or Concern For Independent Living’s 60-unit housing proposal? The last two proposed projects would impact an already dangerous County Road 39.

How many of the hundreds of tradesmen working in Southampton Town actually have the proper license for their work? How many overcrowded illegal housing conversions continue to pose a safety and health risk to their occupants throughout Southampton Town?

Thanks to the complete and utter failure of Mayor Bill de Blasio, there are now over 3,000 more Democrats registered to vote in Southampton. On November 2, our voters must decide if a one-party system is in the best interest of our town. Voting Republican will assure a more balanced approach to public policy.

Greg Robins

North Sea