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Answers Needed

Today, I received an email from Congressman Nick LaLota telling me that he recently returned from his fourth trip to America’s southwest border. He went on to say that the border situation is a mess and that President Joe Biden can help secure the border by issuing executive orders.

I have a few questions for Representative LaLota:

Why didn’t you support the recent bipartisan immigration legislation that would have improved the situation at the border?

Did you not support the aforementioned bipartisan legislation because Donald Trump told Republican members of Congress not to support it? (Trump said it because it would help President Biden, and Trump said that he wanted to run on the immigration issue.)

Why are you spending so much time and taxpayer money going to the border? You represent eastern Long Islanders; why not spend your time holding town halls here on Long Island?

I think you owe your Long Island constituents answers to the questions asked above.

Dick Sheehan