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Appalling Behavioir

After reading Jayne Clare’s letter to the editor [“Wonderful Job,” Letters, May 7], I felt compelled to weigh in on the subject of our mayor, and the many ways he fails us.

Concerning Ms. Clare’s praises, while she is correct that he helped organize many great things, he did them all without inviting or collaborating with the rest of the trustees. Why wouldn’t he invite more people to help the village — especially those we elected to do so?

He seems to enjoy engaging in combative, chaotic, unreasonable behavior, frequently attacking the village trustees on social media, radio, TV and anywhere else he thinks someone might hear him complain. He displays appalling behavior during the Village Board meetings, behaving in ways my children wouldn’t even dare to attempt.

The mayor also wrote an opinion piece in The Southampton Press [“Work Together To Reform Village,” Viewpoint, April 30], claiming that we spend too much money supporting our local heroes from the police, fire and EMS departments. Apparently, the mayor sees no problem with commandeering $350,000 for some as yet to be identified “environmental” project, and an additional $185,000 for who knows what — but purchasing new equipment for our volunteer firefighters and EMS is just an unacceptable expense to him? Go figure!

As for the cartoon drawing, given our mayor’s behavior, I would say it was pretty darned accurate! Furthermore, since it was displayed on a private account and labeled as a political cartoon, it fails to meet the criteria for “cyberbullying.”

I think we are all coming to the realization that our mayor is not who he would like us to believe he is, and is utterly incapable of doing anything other than grandstanding. We deserve better.

Poppy Ellison

Southampton Village


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