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Attention To Detail

Southampton Town voters would do well to keep Karen Sartain in the post of town justice this year.

I know Judge Sartain and have worked closely with her. She is the real deal — professional, hardworking and fair. She has also demonstrated great resourcefulness, designing a protective window for court staff to serve the public while minimizing the danger of COVID-19 transmission.

Apart from that, the campaign material of Karen Sartain’s opponent does not inspire confidence. On the Southampton Town GOP website, Judge Sartain’s opponent says, among other things, that he “would be greatful (sic) for the opportunity to serve my community.”

A judge should know how to spell — it’s “grateful,” not “greatful.”

This may seem petty, but it’s not. Assuming the man knows the correct spelling, then he’s failed in a judge’s duty to review the writing with care. It’s hard to miss a mistake in an everyday word in a short 42-word campaign piece — an important piece, because it’s his only statement to the voters.

The opponent claims 17 years’ experience before Southampton Town Justice Court, so he knows it’s a small local forum where he won’t have clerks to do his proofreading — he’ll have to pull his own weight.

As a lawyer for 53 years, I know what’s expected of lawyers and judges. To be a good judge in a court like this, it takes attention to detail, respect for all sides, knowledge of the law, balance and common sense.

By all these standards, Karen Sartain more than measures up. She is doing an admirable job on the court now and will go right on doing it when we vote to keep her there in November, or sooner if we vote early or by mail.

George Lynch


Mr. Lynch is treasurer of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee — Ed.


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