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Bad, Bad, Bad

Recently, Robbie Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, under oath in a federal courtroom, admitted that Hillary gave the go-ahead to provide a reporter with the dirt that Trump had back-door dealings with a Russian bank. It was a hoax, but it was the seed that grew into the Russian collusion narrative. A hoax perpetuated by the Clinton campaign, Democrats, liberals and the mainstream media.

This bank collusion story was followed by the larger Trump-Russian collusion story seeded by the Steele Dossier and perpetuated by the same bad actors mentioned above, plus law enforcement agencies of our federal government that should work in the best interests of our democracy and not the Democratic Party.

All of these bad actors acted deliberately, spurred on by their glee in thwarting and damaging the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump. That their behavior harmed our democracy is of no consequence to them. The end justified their means.

I despise Clinton and the Democrats for their acts of deception against our country. They lied to the American people. This is the greatest political scandal in our history, even greater than Watergate. For the time being, they are so proud of their deceptions. Luckily, pride goes before the fall.

And shame on the mainstream media and federal law enforcement for perpetuating the hoax. They breathed life into the hoax and kept it alive. Now that it has been proven that the Russian collusion story was a lie, a hoax, one must come to the conclusion that their conduct was treasonous.

But that sad tale was just take one. The Democrats, the mainstream media and federal law enforcement agencies further colluded in discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The “old” mainstream media would never have conducted itself in such a partisan way. It would have tried to speak truth to America. Our law enforcement agencies would have tried to expose the hoax, not act to give it credibility.

Additionally, the 50-plus former intelligence officers who signed a letter stating that the laptop story was Russian disinformation are truly despicable citizens and deserve the appellation of traitors.

The mainstream media and law enforcement agencies said that Russia was trying to affect the elections on behalf of Trump, and that was bad, bad, bad. Turns out that they were bad, bad, bad.

Everyone involved should never again have a good night’s sleep. I’m not saying that that’s going to happen — I am saying that is what should happen. Then justice would be done.

Bill Jones