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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 1932841

Bag Man

We all have to deal with garbage in one way or another, but when thousands of us have to pay for town bags to make it acceptable for the local transfer station, you just know that some bureaucrats see this as a potential source of incremental income.

The town bags we used to buy for about $15 were made out of really thick plastic and held about four tall kitchen bags full of garbage, and you could tie them at the throat, because they did not easily rip.

Now, the bags we buy for about $17 are much thinner, rip easily and cannot hold more than three full kitchen bags. On top of that, they come with flimsy ties in a channel at the top that are often outside of the channel, making them useless.

You might think that this bag choice was just stupid — but it’s a scam that forces us to buy more bags for more money.

Our town supervisor seems to like this. Next election, it’s a good reason to not like him.

Mark Yoslow, Ph.D.

Hampton Bays