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Ban Balloons

The Southampton Town Board will hold its second public hearing on Tuesday, June 8, on whether or not to ban the sale, distribution and use of helium-filled balloons. The answer to the question should be an unequivocal yes.

In a world tragically awash is endless forms of plastic trash, which we are making little progress in alleviating, this small action is a no-brainer. We don’t need helium-filled balloons, which, in exchange for a few moments’ pleasure, cause multiple forms of harm.

First, they are litter, befouling our beaches and streets, taking many years to degrade (if they ever really do). Second, they kill birds and sea creatures who mistake them for food. Finally, helium is a valuable, scarce and non-renewable resource that is essential for various scientific processes and should not be squandered frivolously.

I’m sorry that one balloon store owner in Southampton objects, but fear that her lone personal financial interests cannot come ahead of the environmental good of all.

Please support the ban on helium balloons. If only we could follow it up with a ban on all single-use plastics.

Sarah Hunnewell

Water Mill