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Ban Balloons

I am hoping that Southampton Town joins other jurisdictions and entities and soon enacts a ban on balloons inflated by lighter-than-air gases, like helium. With good reason, California, Connecticut, Florida, Tennessee and Virginia have banned balloons; these states, along with Palm Beach County, Florida, Clemson University, and New Shoreham, Rhode Island, and a growing list of other jurisdictions, have recognized the dangers posed to the environment, wildlife and marine animals by these types of balloons.

As reported at, East Hampton student Skye Tanzman spoke for many East Hampton High School students when he informed the Town Board that “East Hampton does not need balloons to decorate or celebrate special occasions when the cost is the health of our local environment and the planet.”

Young Mr. Tanzman is aligned with the residents of Southampton Town, who, in a February 2020 poll on this topic, agreed with a balloon ban by a 2-to-1 margin.

The case against lighter-than-air inflated balloons is supported by science. A study conducted in Australia determined that 1 in 5 seabirds dies from soft plastic ingestion.

Stores impacted by the curtailment of sales can turn to alternative products that can be used in celebrations. Let’s support those stores who make the transition.

Mike Anthony