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Based In Reality

Elections have consequences.

I believe Jim Larocca and I both care deeply about the village. And I believe we both bring strong resumes and experience to our jobs — Jim, coming out of Albany, and me as a senior executive in the corporate world.

I am proud of our achievements. Among other things, Jim helped negotiate the gift of Steinbeck Park, and I helped steered the village through the worst health crisis in our lifetime, saving lives and livelihoods. We both want to protect the village from outside pressures and help steer development responsibly and in a way that will benefit the residents of Sag Harbor.

My administration has put forward legislation to protect the waterfront from over-development as a direct response to the condos at 2 West Water Street, which were approved under the previous administration. The waterfront overlay code is intended to put a cap on the heights of buildings, to guarantee water access and water views, and, most significantly, to prohibit condos along the waterfront.

Importantly, this code will give the regulatory boards the tools they need to ensure that the new proposed Bay Street Theater is appropriate in size and design for Sag Harbor. I strongly believe this is the strongest and most immediate answer to the threat of over-development in our waterfront area.

Much has been conflated and confused over the past month. Although there are many more issues facing the village, much of the decision voters will be asked to make next Tuesday seems to be which of us has the better vision for the village waterfront and the better approach to get us there.

My vision is based in reality, with community input and forward-thinking planning.

Kathleen Mulcahy


Village of Sag Harbor