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Based On Data

Your article states: “Dr. [Christopher] Gobler’s assessment of the groundwater flow was in direct contradiction to the opinion offered by consultant Pio Lombardo on behalf of the applicant” [“Planning Board Approves Day Camp On Little Fresh Pond After Years Of Debate,”, March 17]. As stated in my testimony and in the reports I prepared that are part of the project’s public record, my opinion was based upon the day camp property groundwater and Little Fresh Pond elevation measurements at multiple locations and at multiple times. The data clearly illustrate that groundwater on the camp property flows to the southwest, away from the pond.

Dr. Gobler made generic statements regarding groundwater flow and impacts on Little Fresh Pond. Dr. Gobler presented no new site-specific data on groundwater flow. Consequently, he did not contradict my opinion, as he had no site-specific data that would be the basis of any opinion on groundwater flow.

As with all esteemed scientists as he, we expect that Dr. Gobler’s opinions are data-driven.

Pio S. Lombardo, P.E.


Lombardo Associates



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