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Be Heard

As we approach the November 8 midterm election, it is important to reflect on which party and which candidate can deliver and implement policies that satisfy the needs of the voters and the community.

While, more than ever, voters retreat to their partisan information silos to conclude which candidates are deserving of their vote, an unbiased review of the candidates, history and facts may lead voters to an enlightened conclusion as to their choice of candidates.

With inflation occupying the concerns of many voters, one can reflect historically on the administrations of Democrats Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Kennedy/Johnson, Clinton and Obama, all of whom promoted sound economic policies that resulted in periods of economic upswings, some after devastating downturns, which benefited people at all economic levels. To the contrary, administrations that focused on the theory of trickle-down economics never proved to strengthen our economy in the long term.

Now, the Biden administration is working to build back our nation’s economy once again. The former administration, with its tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy, coupled with its dismissal of the seriousness of the pandemic, left the Biden administration and the Democratic majority with the task of managing pandemic- and war-induced inflation and keeping the economy moving forward. The Democrats have been succeeding in this endeavor.

With gas prices reduced, millions of jobs created, and gross domestic product now rising, electing Democrats to continue the post-pandemic economic recovery is a voter’s best choice to reach the goal of reduced inflation, prosperity for working families and a strong economy. It is the Democrats that have always proposed policies with working families in mind, despite the opposition attempting to hijack that position with false narratives.

The economy has been and will always be stronger for everyone under Democratic administrations. If we have observed one thing, it is that tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy do not improve the lives of working families or the nation’s economy.

As you plan to vote this cycle, very seriously consider your choices and pledge to vote for the Democratic slate: Kathy Hochul for governor, Antonio Delgado for lieutenant governor, Letitia James for attorney general, Thomas DiNapoli for comptroller, Chuck Schumer for U.S. Senate, Bridget Fleming for Congress, Skyler Johnson for New York State Senate, and Fred Thiele for New York State Assembly. Make your voices heard. Vote!

Jeanne Greco