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Be Like Barb

As I crossed in the crosswalk this morning in Sag Harbor and was almost run over by a Jeep, I felt that I had to write this piece. You see, I calmly said, “Whoa! You have to stop for pedestrians!” I was rewarded with the middle finger as the driver sped ahead.

May I say what everyone is thinking but no one is practicing?

We are all blessed to live or visit this idyllic place in the United States. Our guests call the Hamptons their “happy place.” We boast the finest beaches, great seafood, beautiful homes, etc. Many of us come year-round and support the local businesses.

I’m finding that the people out east are becoming increasingly rude, and perhaps a bit hostile. I don’t just mean the visitors — it’s everyone.

For example: I was driving 30 mph on Daniels Lane recently on the way to the beach, the speed limit being 25 mph. A Tesla proceeded to pass me (double-yellow line) going at least 65 mph.

Minutes later, I spotted a police car and relayed the incident. He shrugged and said, “What do you want me to do about it?” I was taken aback and felt sad.

Our nation is topsy-turvy! There is stress everywhere. Can we just try to be nice, smile while in lines (no one likes a line!), and perhaps make a new friend? Can we be nice on the Jitney and treat everyone with respect? Can we not talk on the phone in front of the cash register while everyone is waiting?

I love the beach! I love the Hamptons! I’ve raised my kids here and given them priceless memories.

My mom recently died, and her name was Barbara. Our family mantra has always been “BLB” — “Be like Barb.” It is now tattooed on my wrist. My kids make fun of me, because, like my mom, I talk to everyone.

I will continue to smile, talk to strangers, let cars in on Montauk Highway, and continue the “BLB” attitude.

Print this if you’d like—or not. It was therapeutic to write.

Jenny WeissSagaponack and Brooklyn


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