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Benefits Too Few

Having seen East Hampton Community Alliance’s full-page ads (in several publications) for the past few weeks, warning of the dire effects of the airport closure, I am surprised by the boxed notation: “There are flight routes solutions … that can eliminate nearly 100% of flights over populated areas.” If so, why on earth aren’t the pilots using them, as this issue has been ongoing for a decade? Attempts to get them to use them in the past have been unsuccessful.

I can’t believe this is true, and the increasing volume of traffic makes these routes nonviable. The entire ad campaign is a scare tactic for those who EHCA claim will be affected by closure.

To add insult to injury, the letter “Runway To Anywhere” by a pilot from Virginia encouraging new FAA grants to keep the airport open [Letters, October 7] was laughable. The anti-aircraft residents are not a minority, and a great many (myself included) don’t live near the airport, as he states. Closing our airport will not “mute progress toward a future of silent aircraft.” Seriously? Andrew Crider should concern himself with his own backyard (and airspace), and not ours.

I will leave it up to those with far more knowledge than mine of the amount of pollution the airport generates. My primary concern is the constant noise and dangerous and excessive air traffic generated by a facility that benefits too few.

I continue to encourage the Town of East Hampton to close the airport.

Frank Setteducati