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Best Equipped

Tommy John Schiavoni of Sag Harbor is running as a Democrat for the vacant New York State Senate seat in our district this year. The primary election is on June 23, and I am convinced that Mr. Schiavoni is by far the best candidate Democrats can choose to go into the November election.

This belief is based on long acquaintance and a close working relationship. Tommy John Schiavoni and I have worked together on numerous campaigns for Democratic candidates.

Upon retiring from a distinguished 30-year teaching career, Tommy John finally sought town office for himself. It was a great pleasure to help his successful effort to become a Southampton Town councilman after winning office for so many others.

Teacher, firefighter, school board member and town councilman, Tommy John Schiavoni is highly qualified by experience and dedication to be our state senator. Before that happens, however, our Democratic candidate must win the general election in November.

Of all the Democratic primary candidates, I’m sure that Tommy John is best equipped to win that election. I say this because he has proven over the years to be one of the most astute and able political campaigners I’ve ever known. If anyone can win the East End’s State Senate seat this year, it’s Tommy John Schiavoni.

I am the treasurer of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee, but this letter comes strictly from me as an individual, and I am not in any way representing the committee.

Vote for Tommy John Schiavoni for state senator in the June 23 Democratic primary, by mail or in person.

George Lynch



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